With a 24/7 Helpdesk, client support is the heart of our company. From troubleshooting issues to installing equipment, our technicians have the knowledge and experience to help with your IT needs.

Why use Managed IT?

Easier Growth

We scale with your business. From small business to enterprise-level solutions, we handle everything you need to quickly get up to speed. All our plans can be scaled up or down to meet your exact needs.

Always Up to Date

Let us worry about making sure your IT stack is up-to-date. By allowing us to figure out the 'how?' you have more time to figure out the 'what?' of your business.


IT is constantly changing and it's important that someone you trust keeps you up-to-date on the technology your company uses. We have multiple experts with years of experience in various IT fields who are ready to help you whenever you need.

Less Downtime

We make sure you're always running so you can focus on more important matters. If anything should happen, our HelpDesk is available 24/7 365 days a year.


IT is our business so it doesn't have to be yours. We insure your IT infrastructure is up-to-date and reliable so you can focus on your core business without unnecessary distractions.

Predictable Budget

We offer prediction plans that make it easier for you to decide longer term plans for your business.

Your Bottom Line

Implement technology that works for you by saving your business money and increasing profits.

IT Support

• 24/7 Helpdesk

• PC/Desktop Support

• Printer Repair

• Managed Print Services

• Troubleshooting and/or Maintenance

• Scanners

• Data Backup Solutions

• Mobile Devices

• Low Voltage Support

• TV & Jumbotrons

Physical Security

• Surveillance/Camera Systems

• Access Control

• Intrusion Detection

• Alarm Systems

• Motion Detectors

• Door Locks/Sensors

Manage Services

• Cloud Services

• Server Virtualization

• Office 365

• Secure Cloud Storage

• Virtual Services

• AV & Firewall

• Email & Exchange Hosting


• Video Conferencing

• Audio Conferencing

• VOIP & Analog Phone Installations

• Jumbotrons

• Attendant Call Management

• TV & Projectors

• VOIP Hosting

• Intercom Services


• Wireless Networking

• VPN (Virtual Private Network)

• Network Closet Installations

• Circuit Monitoring

• Low Voltage Cabling

• SDWAN Solutions

• NOC (Network Operations Center)

Problems We Can Solve for You

New Building or Locations?

Let us upgrade you to a new system or help build you one from the ground up.

Professional Email

Stop settling for basic email services and upgrade to a professional quality email address and server.


We can help you decided what system fits your needs and help setup anything from a simple audio conference to a conference room with a full video.

Old Telephone System

Our hosted VOIP PBX systems will give you the flexibility you need at a cost you can afford.

IT Staff Partnership

We partner with your existing IT staff allowing them to focus on what you think is more important. We can assist them with their day-to-day tasks so they can focus on completing that next big project or plan and implement the project that they don't have the resources to complete.

Scaled, secure, and reliable solutions to meet your heavy demands.
Reliability you need, at a cost you can afford.
Spend less time on IT maintenance and more time on your business. Our hosted and managed services give a high return on investment.
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Secure your offsite servers and data with the knowledge that [TODO: Add Marketing text here]
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We're experts in low voltage solutions. We will help you bid and install your next project on time and within budget. As your partner, we can be your supplier, advisor, or sub-contractor. Whatever your level of expertise, we can assist you with your next project.
From restaurants to hotels, we have a proven track record of providing IT services that help satisfy your customers within an affordable budget.
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